iHomefinder and HigLevel integration

How to integrate iHomefinder and HighLevel for my clients

Learn how to integrate iHomefinder and High Level on your own

Whether you're using WordPress, WIX, Squarespace, LeadConnector, Showit, Duda, or any other platform, iHomefinder seamlessly integrates with them all.

In the following tutorial you will learn how to set up a site for your customers.

In IDXApps, navigate to the Pricing Page. Here, you can explore the different plans iHomefinder offers, choose one of the plans.

iHomefinder signup form

Someone will need to put a credit card here for payment to iHomefinder.

Go to Sign Up Page and register using the same iHomefinder email address and password.

iHomefinder signup form

The next step involves connecting iHomefinder to your client's website. Rest assured, we have a dedicated service for this task: IDXConnect. With IDXConnect, we can seamlessly integrate iHomefinder into any website that supports custom code.

If you have five or more active IDX clients with us, IDXConnect will be provided to you free of charge. However, if you are currently paying for client setup, please visit https://idxapps.com/idx and sign up for the one-time IDXConnect service. You will find two options available: one for $79 and another for $149

One Click Website is a service that allows you to build a high level website integrated with iHomefinder, you can choose the template you like and customize it as you wish.

Visit the following One Click Website tutorial to learn how to create a HighLevel website in record time.

Screenshot of One Click Website Wizard