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Best IDX WordPress Themes

WordPress is a favorite website builder among website development companies and non-developers, including realtors. Its popularity stems from its vast array of options and possibilities. Known for its user-friendly interface, WordPress boasts an extensive collection of themes and plugins.

For real estate agents and companies aiming to boost sales, having a website is essential. However, merely having a website isn't sufficient; it needs to attract visitors. To achieve this, your website must be visually appealing, fast, and user-friendly.

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How can I find the best WordPress theme for real estate?

To have a great real estate website, you need to find a theme that attends to your user’s needs. If you are not sure, you can search for your competitors websites and try to see what they offer. But with our experience building websites for real estate agents, we can tell you that the basic features you should have are:

  • A search tool (with options like city, price, and type of property),
  • One or more property showcases (a gallery with the available properties),
  • A map search tool with the listings,
  • A way to capture your lead's information,
  • Some content about you and your experiences,
  • a blog or pages with articles about the areas or neighborhoods you work on, and information about the home buying process

Users nowadays search for convenience, so, a website that can handle all the above is a must. But it can be costly if you hire a developer to build it from zero. Thinking about this, website development companies usually build themes that offer very nice options such as the search tools, carousels with your properties, user dashboard where your leads can bookmark properties they are interested on, and more. Some IDX solutions like iHomeFinder and IDX Broker also have WordPress plugins that offer these tools.

But that brings another question: with so many options, how do I choose the best one for me? To know that, you will need to first focus on what you will want your website to do and have. If you are looking for a simple website that only have the listings you’re responsible for and some info about you, or a website with a search, all your MLS listings, a Map search feature, etc.

The themes basically allow you to determine the website fonts, colors, pages and posts layout, and some style elements, for example, heading and text styles, colors etc. You don’t even need a real estate specific theme, you just have to like the theme style, and you can use it. You can easily add and remove themes on WordPress websites with a few clicks, it even comes with some free themes by default.

But even if any theme works for this case, there are still some features you will need to check if the theme offer. The features are:

  • Page Builder integration: a drag and drop page builder like Beaver Builder or Elementor are very intuitive and easy to use. With this feature, you can easily use pre-built blocks to add texts, images, videos, and more, very quickly on any page or post. This gives you freedom to style, move and remove any elements visually, real time.
  • Mobile responsive: This feature is a must for any website nowadays, this is what describes a website that looks good on all devices. Almost 55% of the internet users, use a mobile phone for accessing websites.
  • SEO friendly: To better rank on search engines like Google or Bing, you require an SEO optimized WordPress theme. This will help you boost traffic and increase sales on your real estate website.
  • IDX support: IDX is the abbreviation for Internet Data Exchange. This service need to be bought separately and is offered by companies like iHomefinder, IDX Broker or Showcase IDX. This is the best and fastest way for you to add property listings from the MLS to your site. Most of the WordPress themes support this feature using IDX plugins.

Your property listings pages, search tools, showcase widgets, and any IDX page, should not use iframes or subdomains, because it's worse for your site's SEO. So, when choosing the IDX service to use on your website, make sure they don’t use them.

It is also good for you to know that some themes come with amazing property pages, listings widgets, search tools, user dashboards and many wonderful features by default. But if you decide to use a IDX solution with those themes, the IDX pages your service offer, will probably look very different from the layouts the theme offers. That happens because those themes layouts are developed for you to use the theme’s listings functions, not with the IDX ones. Then, if you want your IDX pages to have the layout of the themes, you probably will need to hire a website developer to do that for you.

WordPress themes recommendations for real estate websites

We will list below some WordPress themes we have worked on over the years. These themes are the most frequent ones among our clients, and they get great results with their real estate websites.


Elementor theme

Elementor is one of the most used page builder on the WordPress community, it is light and easy to use. You can use it with other themes or with the Elementor theme. We’ve seen some incredible real estate websites using this theme with awesome results. You can find at Elementor’s library more than 100 responsive Full Website Design kits for you to use, and customize without any need to code. They offer a large variety of layouts for different business types, including the real estate business. The designs like Real Estate AgencyShared Workspace, or Virtual Assistant, can allow you to quickly have your realtor website ready in minutes.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder theme

Beaver Builder is a very intuitive WordPress website builder that allows you to move end edit elements on your pages in real time. This way, you can see what you are changing and how it will look like in the end, at the same time. You can also use it with other themes, but the Pro version includes the Beaver Builder Theme. You will also have access to Beaver Builder's Templates without additional cost. These templates can be added to the pages you want and easily give your website a facelift. Designs like ProBizThe City of Lawyers and Zen Life for realtors and real estate agencies are gorgeous.


Divi theme

Divi is another popular WordPress theme and page builder recommended for real estates websites. It comes with 800+ pre-made designs and has a built-in SEO framework, making it easy for you to launch your website quickly. Divi comes with elegant and completely customizable layouts, including a Real Estate and Real Estate Agent packs with designs for the Home, About, Contact, Blog, and more. Another great option is the Resort pack.


Genesis theme

The Genesis WordPress theme is another popular theme for real estate agents. It is mobile responsive and functional for real estate listing. It has over 40 theme packages you can choose from. Genesis themes are simpler and don’t have a visual drag and drop builder, but this can be easier and preferable for realtors that don’t have much time and knowledge on building pages. As it gives you less freedom to change, you just need to focus on the necessary. It also allows you to select between an IDX powered site or a site with your own independent listings. Some real estate themes available for Genesis are the Winning Agent Pro 2Agent Focused Pro and the My Community theme.


Astra theme

Astra is a fast, lightweight, and highly customizable WordPress Theme used by over 1.2 million websites worldwide. It comes with 230+ ready to import demos, that compatible with Elementor, Beaver Builder or the WordPress Block Editor page builders. You just need to install the demo layout you choose and import the demo content in 1-click. Here are some Astra outstanding themes for your real estate business: Real Estate ConsultantReal Estate AgencyConstruction.


Houzez theme

Houzez is one of the most sold Real Estate WordPress theme for agents, companies, and real estate professional. It is a WordPress theme specially designed for the real estate industry. It comes with some pre-built layouts for your pages. With this theme, you have the ability to manage your own listings and have a user Dashboard feature. You can easily use an IDX solution with this theme, like iHomeFinder or IDX Broker. It is also compatible with Elementor page builder, making it easy for you to customize the page's layout. Some most used demos from our clients are the   09 - Luxury Homes and Demo 17.